Proper Cleaning

Make a DIFFerence in Your Vision: Change the Way You Care for Your Glasses!

When it comes to your new DIFF glasses, it is important to handle them with care.

Follow these steps and see a DIFFerence (pun intended):

Clean your glasses regularly:  First, rinse your glasses in lukewarm water.  You can use plain mild dish soap (no soft hand additives - those additives cause smudges) to gently clean your lenses using your fingers.  Rinse the soap off and dry with a microfiber cloth or a clean 100% cotton cloth.   When on-the-go cleaning is needed use our Glasses Cleaning Kit for a safe solution!

Do not use improper cleaning solutions: Avoid using chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or vinegar to clean your glasses, as they can damage the lenses or coatings.  This means avoiding typical glass cleaning products.

Store your glasses properly: When you're not wearing your glasses, keep them in your DIFF case or pouch to protect them from scratches and other damages. Avoid leaving them on surfaces or throwing them in your bag without proper protection.

Please don't wear your glasses on your head: Avoid wearing them on top of your head or pushing them up with your hair, as this can stretch the frames or cause them to lose shape.

Handle your glasses with care: Use both hands to put on or take off your glasses and be careful not to pull them off too quickly or forcefully, as this can cause the frames to bend or even break.

Avoid exposing your glasses to extreme temperatures: Don't leave your glasses in the car or in direct sunlight for too long, as high temperatures can damage the lenses or frames.

Avoid leaving your glasses in the bathroom: Moisture from the shower or bath can damage the lenses or coatings on your glasses, so it's best to store them in a dry, cool place outside of the bathroom.

Your glasses care habits can influence their lifespan; make a DIFFerence today!

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